Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A British victory in Greece?

Not sure if this should be taken as an omen for tonight's Big Cup final, but The Guns of Navarone was on telly here this morning.

If James Robertson Justice and David Niven can inspire an unlikely English victory in Greece, why can't Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard do the same?

My prediction: 1-0 Liverpool in a terrible "shit on a stick" match. C'mon you reds!

UPDATE: Oh well, from what I saw of the game, a narrow Milan victory was just about fair. I didn't catch the first half (some of us have to work, you know), and although Liverpool huffed and puffed in the second, they didn't really create many decent chances. One thing I did notice: the pitch was pretty poor. It played very slowly and seemed to have cut up a lot during the game (I assume it was in good nick at the kickoff). If it had been in better condition, I'll bet the passing wouldn't have been so erratic.


james higham said...

How do you feel about the result now, Chris?

Chris G said...

I'm fairly sanguine about it - with the squad Liverpool have, it was a great achievement just to get to the final. Benitez certainly knows what he's doing and with any luck he can pick up a few new players in the summer to take us back to the final next year. It's in Moscow, by the way.

Joshua said...

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james higham said...

Chris, think we'll have to set this Joshua straight somehow.