Monday, June 25, 2007

Not Gathering Moss

The fact that I have to work today (normally Mondays are a sacred free day of idleness) is a real bastard.

However, the suffering is somewhat mitigated by the fact I'm off to see these grizzled veterans tonight. 45 years and still rocking, not bad by anyone's standards - to think that about a dozen years ago I thought I'd missed my chance to catch them live (or alive):

I said "yeah, yeah, yeah, woo!"


Ian Appleby said...

Blimey, 45 years? Tell that to the commenters at Crushed by Ingsoc who reckon heroin is bad for you... I was born in 1973, so I had thought I was doing well to have seen both the Buzzcocks and the Specials.

How was the show?

Chris G said...

The show was fantastic - Keith Richards looked like he might croak at any minute, but Jagger was prancing around as much as ever and the sound they came out with was great. It's not cheap to see the Rolling Stones, but I doubt there's a better live band, even now.