Friday, October 19, 2007

It shouldn't happen to a dog

Despite the name, I usually avoid shaggy dog stories, but even I couldn't pass this up. Mr Eugenides draws our attention to the latest crazy ohmygodthatcantberealcanit event from America. In Las Vegas, of course, people are taking the art of dog grooming to bizarre levels (I say levels because I don't know whether these are heights or depths we're talking about) and are turning their four-legged friends into living, ahem, works of art.

Or the freakiest muts since Teenwolf.

There's a full story with pictures here, but I offer you a taste, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas:

Photo Daniel A. Anderson / Orange County Register


jmb said...

And this one was the least offensive.

Anonymous said...

as a libertarian, I really shouldn't say this, but..

.. that is just so wrong!

Stephen said...

Leonardoodle should have won. An injustice if you ask me, just like Cueto's perfectly good try being disallowed.

Chris G said...

Well, I agree on Leonardoodle, but the replays (eventually, if you watch closely) clearly show Cueto's toe in touch before he grounded the ball. Or at least close enough to the blades of grass that the TMO couldn't give the try on the video evidence.