Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Decline of the X-men Quiz

Wrexham have been relegated from the football league.

I have no special reason to talk about this, but for the fact that it means yet another team with an X in its name has fallen out of the top 4 ranks of English professional football.

Years ago (let's say about 15 years ago) a good sporting quiz question was "What are the five English league clubs with an X in their name?" Now, only one is guaranteed to be playing in the league next season.

So my question is this, can you name that one team with an X in its name? And can you name the other 3 teams with an X that were in the league for that quiz 15 years ago?

Hardened trivia nuts will be interested to note that the number of teams in the English and Scottish leagues with an X in their name (one) will now be the same as the number of teams with a J in their name. For a bonus point: What's the team with a J?


Anonymous said...

Your Mum may not know much about football but she can't resist a quiz, so:

Crewe Alexandra

And, maybe, Halifax, Oxford, Exeter?

Bonus - St Johnstone

Chris G said...

Well done, some good guessing there.

Obviously need to raise the game, so what is the only league team in England whose name does not contain any of the letters in the word "MACKEREL"?

Anonymous said...

Another trawl through the sports pages of the Saturday newspapers brings me triumphantly to Swindon Town!