Tuesday, October 31, 2006

If your other name's Rigsby, I'll buy you a drink

n.b. I got this site from Daniel Finkelstein, who got it from a chap called Chris Dillow.

I love maths and numerology. So let's play a game:

Think of a number between 1 and 100 (go on then, pick that one if you must).
If your number is the same as any of the following equations, you are a winner!

Christopher Griffiths x Paris Hilton
Jimmy Riddle + Donald Duck
-- I'm not making this up --

{Arthur Crown + Jesus Christ + Brian Banana + Henry Horse + Jane Eyre + Margaret Thatcher + er, William Wanker - Kevin Keegan} Cleveland Cleveland

Click here to get the numbers and play the game

So, did you win? Congratulations if you did. Commiserations if not, but don't be blue - at least your name's not Cleveland Cleveland.
On a seasonal note, there are 5 Hal Owens - I hope you have a good'un!

  • p.s. Can you imagine the notice in the paper? "To Mr and Mrs Duck, a son, Donald"
  • p.p.s. According to the site, there are 22 Wayne Rooneys in the USA. Perhaps Steve McClaren should investigate to strengthen his squad?
  • p.p.p.s. If you're one of the 4 American Leonard Rossiters, or one of the 5 Hattie Jacques, and you're ever in Portugal, the vinho's on me!


Steve said...

Woo - I'm a winner! Yes, I did have to pick that one. So what do I win? Free bed and breakfast for a few nights in Portugal maybe? :o)

Anonymous said...

"There's only one Matthew Biant,
there's only one Matthew Biant,
there's only one Matthew Biant in the USA!"

Paul said...

There's no one called Vladimir in the whole of the USA? Quite remarkable!

Thomas said...

They've got 33 Margaret Thatchers in the US - and remarkably "more than 99.9 percent of [these] are female."

Anna said...

I had 62, close but no cigar, and no dirty mind :-)

There are 29 of me in the USA - they should set up this site for people in the UK.

I always knew that Hilary was a girl's name.