Monday, October 30, 2006

The sword is mightier than the pen

My cousin, who is a fairly handy fencer, would attest to the accuracy of the statement above. And anyone who has tried to slice an apple with a ballpoint would also agree (much better to use a rapier, like Dogtanian).

So I don't know why some people keep insisting the situation is the other way around. Maybe the Chinese government is right on the issue of censorship - if the people can read everything on the internet, what's the point of having a Ministry of Information? Perhaps the plebs realise that ignorance is bliss. After all, if a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then what the hell does that make a lot of knowledge?

Some do-gooders at Amnesty International have started a campaign to roll back the good work of censors around the world (they don't seem to care about the jobs these fine people do). By all means visit this site, but if you sign its pledge, you could be putting hard-working Burmese censors and their families on the streets.

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Chris G said...

Re-read this a few times (thanks, Mum) and decided to edit it slightly. Look at me - censoring my own work...