Friday, March 09, 2007

Champions League: Last 8 Draw

This should be good, there are three English teams left and they are the bookies' favourites for the big cup. I wonder if they can avoid each other?

- Hosted by Matthew Lorenzo, who used to be on London Tonight. Bit of a step up from Brentford against Southend.

- Boring preamble with Ludovic Guily. Yawn. Get on with it!

- They'll be drawing the semis today as well. Oh, here comes Platini - new UEFA Prezz. He's giving the cup to the mayor of Athens (where the final will be held at the end of May). A chap called Timon, apparently.

- Timon has a fetching orange tie. It's rather more exciting than his speech. Phew, he's finished.

- Who will have their hands on the balls? It's none other than a bald bloke and a bloke with hair. I think one is the Tango man.

- Ex-Leicester star Theo Zagorakis is now chewing the fat with Lorenzo. When will they draw the thing?

- Aha, Tango man is presenting. Hair man and Theo will pull out the teams. The audience of journos and club chairmen is struggling to stay awake.

- After nearly 20 minutes, we're ready to go:

AC Milan v. Bayern Munich - A clash of the titans first up. Rather increases the chance of Liverpool v Chelsea

PSV Eindhoven v. Liverpool - Yeah, woo! Excellent! Should win this one no probs. Of course, that's what Arsenal said last time. Good draw for the reds, though.

AS Roma v. Manchester United -The English teams have avoided each other. United will fancy their chances here.

Chelsea v. Valencia - A tricky assignment for Mourinho and co, but I think they'll win over two legs.

- Now for the semi-final pairings:

Chelsea or Valencia v. PSV or Liverpool - if Liverpool do get through, Benitez will play his old club, or his nemesis, Mourinho. He'd love it if he beat them.

Milan or Bayern v. Roma or Man Utd - tough route for United to get to the final, but I'd still tip them to do so.

- I don't believe this, they're drawing the final, too. Surprise, surprise, it's the winners of semi-final 2 against the winners of semi-final 1.

- Thank god that's over. Let's hope the matches themselves are more exciting than this nonsense.

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