Friday, November 17, 2006

The Ashes - 1

I was intrigued by this comment from Duncan Fletcher re the big Monty or Gilo debate:

We wanted Monty if Trescothick was there, because Trescothick added [batting] depth. Now, we might have to re-think it,
Trescothick added batting depth? He's an opener. Monty is a number 11. How does that work? They weren't exactly competing for the same spot. I can see how Giles would add batting depth at eight, he's our best batting bowler, but I can't make much sense of Fletcher's statement. Not to mention what that says of Collingwood, who will be Trescothick's replacement in the batting line-up (Cook opening, obviously). Presumably he reduces the "batting depth" of the team.

Of course, the biggest problem is finding a place in Portugal where I can get live access to coverage of the series itself. The BBC isn't providing online radio coverage for non-UK residents, and I can't find any other outlet that is. What's the point of getting a job that doesn't start until 5pm when I can't stay up all night listening to the cricket?

I guess I still have a week to sort something out.

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