Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hi all,

I've finally managed to get my camera out and take a few pictures of Torres Vedras:

The somewhat phallic memorial to the Peninsular War and the lines of Torres Vedras in the Jardim de Graca.

The Praca Municipal, just down the street from where I work.

A view from the castle. My flat is in the white block right in the centre of the picture.

Another view from the castle - note the wind turbines on the hills in the background.

The castle itself - not much to look at these days.

The church of Santa Maria do Castelo, inside the castle precinct.

The church of San Pedro - I walk past this on my 200 metre stroll to work each day.

One of the car-free streets of the old town. Also pedestrian -free on Sunday mornings, as you can see.

Another of the narrow streets of the old town. You can see the castle in the background. Note the typical Portuguese tiled paving - every old town here is paved with a mosaic of tiny cream and black squares, often in intricate patterns.

The oh-so exciting view from my window. Note the beautifully tied washing lines. Knot fans will recognise the tautline hitch.

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