Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Ashes - 3

As usual, Simon Barnes sums things up perfectly.

'Twas ever thus though, and there must be a few England fans darkly muttering Wally Hammond's words from 60 years ago.

What's more, there's no live audio from the ABC, so I'm reduced to the text commentary online:

The Beeb: "England are lumbering on like a clown's car, with square wheels and bits falling off at every juncture."

The Guardian: "No sign of a declaration, or any declaration batting: Australia are just carrying on pretty sedately towards a lead of 12 million."

Cricinfo: "21.2 Harmison to Langer, 5 runs, good line from Harmison - he's been much better this afternoon - but, oh dear. That's hapless and careless from Pietersen who tried to throw down the stumps - completely unnecessarily as Langer was in his crease - and it races away for four. Harmison really needs that"

If only we had a certain wicket-taking left arm spinner who can't field too well:

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