Monday, November 27, 2006

The Ashes - 4

Ok, so we lost.

Let's not get too discouraged - we showed quite a bit of fight in the second innings and no-one ever beats Australia at the Gabba anyway. Remember, England haven't lost two consecutive matches in the same series since the last Ashes tour in 2002-3 and I'm still confident we can hold onto the little urn.

Adelaide is the city of churches - what better place for England's resurrection?


Matt Biant said...

more wishful thinking Mr. Griffiths!

Chris G said...

Well, I tend to write these things with a half-full glass in front of me.

And at least I'm not blogging about the Enlgand rugby team. Now there's a cause for pessimism.

matt b said...

fair enough, and I am still cautiously optimistic about the cricket, as far as the rugby is concerned you are absolutely correct - horrific run of results - bring in Martin Johnson to knock some heads can there be such a turn of events in a few years??