Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fog Blog

Well, this is exciting. I'm posting this from Lisbon airport, on my way back to England for Christmas. I was supposed to be on the noon flight, but it's been cancelled, due to fog in London. I'm sure anyone reading this from the UK's fair capital will be able to vouch for the Dickensian pea-souper that is undoubtedly hanging over the city.

What's odd is that my flight wouldn't have landed until 1445 anyway, and in all my years of living 15 miles from Heathrow, I've never seen fog at that time that would prevent a plane from touching down safely. Perhaps there's a backlog of flights or something.

It's actually been a bit of a stressful journey so far this morning. I got off the bus from Torres to Lisbon only to find there was a tube strike (fantastic) so yomped avec baggages about a mile to the airport bus stop. There was, of course, nary a bus in sight with all the disruption so, after hanging around for a fair old spell, (oh the irony) I grabbed a cab so as to not be late. Could have walked it and still been on time.

For those who are interested, Lisbon airport is not a particularly pleasant place to while away 3 hours, although the bar does serve pints, rather than the tiny standard measures of beer one normally finds in Portugal. And it's 5 euros an hour for wi-fi access.

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