Sunday, December 17, 2006

What's the only country named after a mountain?

Here's your starter for ten:
What better for Christmas than a lovely quiz?
The answer? Why, nothing, of course - and few holiday pastimes can be as enjoyable as reading out quiz questions to one's family after they've scoffed the turkey and trimmings and marvelling at their general ignorance of the world around them.

Trawling the net (funny, nets used to trawl, now they are trawled) for something to blog about, I came across the San Francisco Chronicle's geography quiz which is rather a good'un.

Here are some sample questions:

1. Name the only nation in the world with Latin as an official language.
9. Is South Africa among the five largest nations in Africa?
13. What is, by far, the most common three-color combination on the flags of the world's nations?
23. If you crossed the bridge over the River Kwai, what country would you be in?
50. True or false: Kazakhs play a traditional game on horseback called Kuuz Kuu - "Catch the Bride."

The rest of the quiz can be found here (only 50 questions), with the answers underneath. No cheating, now.

Oh, and the only country named after a mountain is Mounteverestlandistania, but then you knew that anyway.

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