Sunday, December 10, 2006

For generous eyes only

Here's a list of 10 "Holiday" gifts for EFL teachers.

Hmm, if anyone got me a dehydrated turkey meal I'd be less than impressed.

Here's a much more realistic list of what us educators want:

1. A Nintendo Wii (but don't get one before Christmas - wait until January when the prices are lower and the stocks replenished). This is on the list in hope rather than expectation.
2. Jumpers (it's cold here in Portugal). Not Noel Edmonds novelty ones though. Plain, warm, respectable jumpers. Or sweatshirts. I'm a medium.
3. Socks (see Jumpers. I'm a large)
4. iTunes vouchers or Skype credit. I've taken this from the other list because they're good ideas, although as with Katie, I don't actually want them.
5. Amazon gift certificates. That way I can get the book I want. And like number 4, they're ultra green, because they're e-gifts.
6. A subscription to a magazine. You decide which, but it's a proper gift that keeps on giving.
7. A donation to the RNLI. Really, no-one should buy Christmas presents and everyone should help the lifeboatmen, but this is an imperfect world.
8. Anything that you've taken more than 5 minutes to think about. Ultimately I'm happy to receive any gift, but I do analyse the thought that's gone into it. So that means no more books of facts, Dad. Or kites.

If I am lucky enough to be on your Christmas list, I hope that's a solid set of ideas to help you find something. I am serious about the RNLI though - I'd rather you gave money to them than buy me something I don't need (it's what I'll be doing if I can't find you anything!).


Paul R said...

Amen to that, man!

I know a couple of lifeboatmen, being a boy from the coast and all that. Nuff respect, for a job that's EVEN HARDER than teaching 18 8 year olds about the present perfect for indefinite time, and for EVEN LESS money! So that's our gift-giving sorted out!

Amazon vouchers! I never thought about that... better tell mum.... I really miss the Reading/Writing/Speaking/Listening Extra books we had at the summer school, and Discussions A-Z... they made life a doddle.

I'm not sure I'd want anything on that other person's list, though. Quilted laptop bag? Leg warmers?? Spray to waterproof my map?? And a flash light that doubles as a smoke alarm?

Where is this person teaching, I wonder? Sounds hazardous.

BTW, did you get my email?

Anonymous said...

"What 'us' educators want"? This from a teacher of English! Shame on you, my son.

Chris G said...

Hey, I'm out of the classroom now, so I'm not being paid for this, but I would say the use of 'us' rather than 'we' here is acceptable in the informal vernacular of the blogosphere.

Bloody pedants.