Monday, January 29, 2007

In praise of fossil fuels

Here's one for fans of East European animation.

I was looking for a story with Vtak Gabo, a traditional Czechoslovak bird who can drive trains and operate cameras (and which was broadcast at halftime during the World Cup in Slovakia last year), when I came across another character: The Mole.

Here he is, providing the coal to keep the woodland bourgoisie warm during the winter:

I like this mole, and will probably put up a few more of his stories over the next few weeks.


Thomas said...

Ahh, thanks for posting this! I love the mole; it brings up happy childhood memories of Sunday mornings watching "Die Sendung mit der Maus" on German telly - one of the most brilliant children's TV programmes ever with a mix of entertaining and educational clips (loved by children and adults alike - they show you stuff like "How do they get the stripes into the toothpaste", "How are pencils made", "How do we get energy from the sun").

The mole has been an integral part of this programme since 1972 (and still going strong today, 35 years after its first appearance).


Anonymous said...

I've only just noticed you've missed an 'e' out of 'bourgeoisie'.

Rebirth 2.0 said...

Sweet. Did you pick this up during your stay in EE?

Anonymous said...
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