Saturday, January 13, 2007

Safety At Work - German-Style

This finally debunks the myth that the Germans have no sense of humour (something I'd never really bought anyway).

It's a safety video for a forklift truck and is simultaneously the funniest and most gruesome 9 minutes I've ever seen:

via Bog-Roll Beverage


Thomas said...

Ho ho ho. And if you liked that, you'll love that:

It's an episode out of the German "Der Siebte Sinn" series ("The 7th sense") - a series of short road safety movies which were broadcast on German TV throughout the 70s and 80s. This one is about women drivers - and it's hilarious:

In the beginning we hear that difficult things like reversing should be practised on a daily basis and are being told "So men, let you're women take over the wheel from time to time - but not during rush hour!" (Obviously not!)

Larry Teabag said...

Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! It's not quite the funniest and most gruesome 9 minutes I've ever seen, but then I've seen Braindead.

Having spent 6 months in Germany last year, I can confirm that the no-sense-of-humour myth is indeed a claptrap of crap.

Andrew said...

That's...just...horrible. But excellent nevertheless :-)

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