Friday, January 19, 2007

Some thoughts

It seems many people have forgotten the first commandment. That is a pity.

Sky News was reporting this morning that Jade is likely to get voted out of the "Celebrity" Big Brother house with a record level of votes (something above the 91.6% that "Caesar" got last summer).

If so, wouldn't this prove that, although we're all a bit racist inside (and even if you say you aren't, you are, just a little bit), generally British people have a very low tolerance of racism these days? Coupled with the number of complaints about the programme, I think that should be a source of pride, rather than shame. I doubt it will be the last we hear of it, though.

Incidentally, this (Mr Blair's plan to stay in office until June) might be the proper news story that no-one has covered this week.


Rebirth 2.0 said...


Konnichiha! How's Portuagal?

Haven't watched the BB stuff, but it's everywhere.... There were a few nice pieces of commentary in the Times today, which I thought were pretty spot-on (generally saying BB reflects nothing more than our obsession with PR) - but yes, the Brits are terribly racist, just ask all those Chinese/Japanese people we know that came away with nasty experiences.

Later Jya ne!

Matt M said...

Jade: loud, podgy and a face best described as Miss-Piggy-esque
Shilpa: one of the most attractive women ever to appear on BB

I don't think race had much to do with the choice there.

I've watched some of the show and followed events on various websites, from the look of it the racism angle has been overplayed a little (cynically, by the makers of the show themselves). Jade (and her gang) seem resentful of Shilpa and so picked on the most obvious difference between her and them (aside from the looks and intelligence, I mean). A lot of their comments (about how Indians live and eat) seem to stem from more genuine ignorance than malice.

Though whether that should make a difference, I don't know.